Capital Investment Agency

Investment capital in an organization can make a huge difference in relation to the success of the firm. Most businesses wish they had an access to the additional capital or capital investment. Any kind of capital, no matter if it’s obtained via or equity financing, debt financing or sales could be potentially seen as capital investment. Any kind of money which is spent in a business is considered a sort of investment. We can also define capital investment in a way where you spend money on equipment and buildings, in a business, to raise a business’s effectiveness.

Capital Investment Agency is a firm which was founded in the year 1972. Capital Investment Agency is a financial advising and consulting firm which provides comprehensive, complete, and latest services that has correspondents across the globe. This allows the Capital Investment Agency to provide and give a global service to International Organisations, government, and businesses.

The Capital Investment Agency particularly lays stress on multi-national currency for international business for long, medium and short term loans. Capital Investment Agency provide finance through bill discounting and some other documents which are negotiable; Time Deposits in Foreign currency, and it includes deposit certificates; export financial guarantees, renting finance services, provision and syndication of funds relating to international projects.

Capital Investment Agency – Consultancy Services, Market Research and Project Evaluation

Capital Investment Agency helps its customers by individual investigation of the market by consultation and business research and by providing of services and management. The experienced consultancy and research personnel at Capital Investment Agency closely work with firms, research correspondents and representatives across the globe. This allows Capital Investment Agency consultancy and research service to provide a comprehensive universal service, comprising these fields of functioning: Feasibility study for railways, roads, shopping centres, airports, ports, offices, hotels, residential and commercial development of real estate

Capital Investment Agency – Financing

  • Funding of Sanctioned Warranted Instruments
    This comprises of certificates, notes, bonds, or other sanctioned instruments as supplied or/and vouched by acceptable corporations, banks, governments and a few other organisations.
  • Loan Amount
    The Loan amount at the Capital Investment Agency at present ranges from $ 2,500,000 or its tantamount in any other big currency with the cap of any one of the amounts of loan being ascertained by the evaluation and assessment of guarantees and the security which need to be bade by the borrower as security.
  • Loan Period
    The period of loan at the Capital Investment Agency ranges from 3 months – 20 years, which is subject to borrower’s geographical location as well as security, the currency, and the underwriting form and the financial tool which is involved.
  • Schedules of Repayment
    Repayment with Capital Investment Agency might either be without or with amortisation principal payments during the loan period or during maturity where the interest payments are made on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis and in some of the cases, it also could be that the complete amount of interest an principal gets payable and due on the maturity date which had been agreed, of the accepted and issued instruments.
  • Interest Rates
    At the Capital Investment Agency, the rates of interest are subject to period of the currency as well as the general evaluation measured on the collateral of the borrower or guarantees which are bade as security. These rates are either calculated on the percentage amount which has been agreed, over prime rate or inter-bank or instead on a fixed rate during the entire loan period.
    In case of long term loans at the Capital Investment Agency, the interest rate are usually pitched to the persisting market rates of the bond, for the involved currency or any other preset indicant, with $2,500,000 as the minimal money, with respect to any one transaction or it’s the same in any other big currency.

Capital Investment Agency – Advisory Services

Capital Investment Agency has advisory and management service for offshore funds, institutional clients and private clients.

Capital Investment Agency – Leasing

Capital Investment Agency does financing and leasing of industrial items, including aircraft, machine tools, computers, ships, general plant, as well as commercial, industrial and international projects.

  • Capital Investment Agency – Invoice Factoring, Promissory notes, credit letters, and Exchange discounting bills:
    Capital Investment Agency has facilities for setting the purchase, positioning and discounting of Bills of Exchange that are acceptable and as well as other instruments which are approved, in conformity with the persisting conditions and terms of discount market as well as the general quality and rating of the involved instruments. $2,500,000 is the minimal par value of any one transaction or same in any other major currency.

Apart from the preceding, Capital Investment Agency also has available facilities for the financing of acceptable and approved ‘International Bankers Letters of Credit’ which covers interest amounts and principle. Maturity of these instruments generally should not go past 5 years. In a few cases, 10 years could be entertained and considered, as well as the buying of interest holding vouched Promissory Notes that has maturities that ranges from 6 months up till 10 years.

Capital Investment Agency also provides provision and advice related to finance in association with international and national corporate acquisitions and mergers, which include these services:

  • Corporate finance planning
  • Corporate evaluation and market research
  • Supplying new capital: both loans and equity, for business purposes
  • Advice and executing schemes for reconstruction of capital
  • Capital issues
  • Share registration

Capital Investment Agency is very well cognizant of the various demands, complexities, and requirements of the different industries across the world in the commercial world. If any one has a workable and reasonable proposition, then Capital Investment Agency would make arrangement for providing the required facilities or finance and make tailor made scheme that would suit ones specific requirements.

Capital Investment Agency’s uses an approach of studying ones problems, requirements and needs and provides the acceptable proposal and that could be done in the bounds of Capital Investment Agency’s lenders, investors and services portfolio requirements, Capital Investment Agency would make arrangements for it to be taken care of and done.